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Mall Shopping Guiding

Happy Shopping,Service Customer

Bring customers specially experience through multimedia display technology.Offer shopping tip and products experience,and collect the feedback from all these experience .


Application of main entrance of shopping mall


Attracting customers by High-definition display

n the mall's main entrance, the large display screen bring customers a dynamic, attractive image.The High-level visual experience not only bring the customer a warm and friendly environment, but also to bring the stores more luxurious and more modern,enhance the brand in the mind of customers .
Customers will be able to see the comfortable screen with promotions and discounts on the entrance.

Application at the entrance of shopping mall

Service customer by interactive enquiries

Each entrance to the mall, consumer can use the interactive kiosks to view hours, floor maps, promotional information to develop their shopping plans.
Through the interactive kiosk, consumer can search their favorite store, or even find out the shortest route to reach the selected stores from the current location.


Application of shopping mall


Through digital technology ,bring shopping joys 

At the mall lobby area, the display is made in different interesting shape catering to the mall theme design。 Digital technology shopping environment, it's better for retaining customers

Application of elevator

Repay through product display

Install high-definition display on front of elevator, the latest products business / promotional information displayed to customers.
Meanwhile,through access to free WIFI, it sends business promotional information to the customers, so that achieving a win-win business.


Application of WIFI mobile promotion


Digital technology rich shopping experience

Through customer's mobile devices, Shopping mall can create a rich shopping experience. By using these mobile devices, customers can view basic store information, floor map information, and even use GPS to find the fastest route to reach a store.

Sending Promotion info

When customers access to use free wifi ,after scan the QR code,then your promotion information will be sent to customers any time and anywhere.




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