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Good use of O2O mode!

O2O mode is around the terminal consumer habits, changes in consumption patterns and the emergence of an innovative business model, that is, the line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the front line of the transaction.
The electricity supplier and three-dimensional display of fusion and landing is o2o marketing machine in place for consumer focus groups, such as the sales center, the building materials market, shopping malls and other guide consumers on-site experience and pay attention to the platform, further allow consumers to store physical and service experience.   Through the 3D display real shopping guide, while customers can involved in the design, can make faster decisions and to buy more. Fully display platform, let consumers understand the online and offline ordering, services and protection.


O2O marketing machine is the integration of electricity suppliers, 3D display and design platform.

Interactive promotion brand promotion   3D show the real case   Customer participation design   price look-up+Direct order

Sales center application scenarios


Sales center and other shopping guide process




Entity store application scenarios

Application value

Attract passenger flow
HD video ads and the effect of the show to attract tourists to enter your store


Keeping Customers
Album and 3D model interaction, so that the product is more vivid and more interesting to promote


Enhance performance
Allow customers to participate in home design, experiential marketing to facilitate orders


Personal tailor
Designer level design results show the effect of VIP customers tailored to create


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