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Digital electronic experience center

Through the multimedia display, interactive intelligent terminal and release management system can help enterprises to bring more consumers, increase customer fans!

Experience store window display


How to attract customers!

Large screen dynamic picture, to give shake feeling, will products businesses show incisively and vividly. Image display of dynamic attractive, will be able to attract customers come in.
High end visual experience not only to create a friendly environment for customers, but also to enhance the brand image of the business in the minds of customers.

Experience store counter display

How to retain customers!

Each product above the business of digital products to display the dynamic images, video, they can put the product features to the customer in place, and give the high-end visual experience.
Also can make interactive touch experience PAD, as long as the customer point in, it will be the product to 3D display, to shake.


Interactive experience area


Diversified products for customers to choose their own!

Experience in store planning a experience, your phone will make large version of the phone, let the customer directly in the above experience. Music, video, Internet, download, games, QQ, micro channel, take pictures, photographs, and so on can show above, can also download other app program, to the real customer experience.






Interactive system experience interface



New interface


Experience interface


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