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  • Touch Media Publishing and Managing System

    Multimedia platform converged network technology, information technology, multimedia technology and interactive touch technology, editing and designing a variety of audio and video clips, pictures, multimedia then controling and broadcasting, terminal dis...查看详情

  • DMB Network Publishing and Managing System

    Multimedia digital information broadcasting system is through advanced digital codec and transmission technology, sending the video and audio signals, pictures, and scrolling captions and other multimedia information to the display terminal through the ne...查看详情

  • HD-680 Standalone Version

    USB standalone LCD commercial display is different from TV. It decodes the video,images and text in memeory card and display on screen. It's automated commercial display. Insert memeory card and power on,it will display. 1080P decode more than 90% vide...查看详情

  • Medical triage guidance system

    Medical triage guidance system is on the basis of the existing hospital information system (his), using the liquid crystal display device, LED electronic display screen as a system of display terminal, the terminal application specific integrated playback...查看详情

  • Conference Application System

    Conference touch demo function: can import and export JPG, PDF, PPT, WORD and other office software, and in the above drawing and export. Provide Internet browsing. The exported content is stored in the database, and the contents of the database can be op...查看详情

  • Intelligent electronic education system

    Intelligent Electonic educational system make teaching more digital and easily ...查看详情

  • Somatosensory Interactive System

    Somatosensory interaction ...查看详情

  • Government guidance and intelligent queuing syste

    Features: 1. Based on LAN transmission, can be divided into wireless number and cable to take the number of machines, picking machine interface display beautiful, take the number of convenient just click on the business type to print out the queue number ...查看详情

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