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Founya digital signage located into HK International Airport


      In July 2016, Founya touch LCD advertising machine successfully settled in Hong Kong International Airport, which is to promote the modernization of Hong Kong airport information construction, improve airport service quality, improve passenger satisfaction, establish a good image of the airport, publicity airport business is very important The role of.
      Hong Kong International Airport has a huge population flow. The LCD advertising machine is conducive to the normal operation of the functions of the airport in Hong Kong. It can provide passengers with timely information such as weather conditions, flight conditions and boarding information to avoid the chaos of the airport due to the opaque information. Touch the advertising machine can also take part of the business functions, such as information inquiries, refund, change, etc., to share the peak flow of passenger pressure to ensure the efficiency of airport services. In the boring time of the passenger waiting time, the airport can also play through the advertising machine news, entertainment news and other passengers waiting time; more importantly, the advertising machine can integrate popular social media, and "microblogging control", " WeChat control "real-time interaction, and interactive information through real-time sharing of large-screen, highlighting the fun of the airport operations.
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Hong Kong Airport as an international airport, the project has a very strict requirements, Guangzhou Founya Electronics Co., Ltd. as a digital signage industry leader to withstand all aspects of testing, from many suppliers stand out. The Hong Kong Airport has adopted the Fang Ya 55-inch FY-S5 series of vertical touch LCD advertising machine, has been successfully used in the Hong Kong Airport Hall and the airport aisle. That ultra-thin and elegant appearance, ultra-high-definition video and picture display, simple mode of operation, etc., won the airport staff and the majority of visitors a good reputation!

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