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2016 CNY Holiday


         2016 Spring Festival soon, in order to make all the staff together through a happy and peaceful holiday, do a good job during the holiday safety work, according to the State Council General Office of the spirit of the holiday notice and the company's welfare policy, the company led the study decided, the Spring Festival holiday arrangements as follows:
         First, the holiday time: February 5 to February 14 holiday, a total of 10 days, February 15 normal work.
         Second, do a good job of security inspection work; departments of their own office area of fire, anti-theft important inspection work to ensure that office electrical equipment safety; check the power supply, lighting equipment is closed to ensure the closure of windows and doors and lock, Responsible person in place.
         Third, during the holidays for the accident-prone period, during the holiday season to return home colleagues should pay attention to the journey of personal and property safety.
        In advance to wish: all the staff happy New Year, the monkey years, all the best, family happiness!
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  January 28, 2006

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