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Hardware and software R & D services: customized appearance, high-quality accessories, professional design; integration of industry applications to provide a full range of solutions.
Strict selection: A + original new LCD panel produced by the motherboard power supply and other supporting materials.
Safe design: 3C certification standard; internal wire trough; power board stamped.
Superb technology: aluminum alloy wire drawing; appearance custom design and production.
Strict inspection: strict quality inspection throughout IQQ quality inspection; IPQC process quality inspection; FQC product quality control; OQC machine aging test
Safe packaging: honeycomb box pressure, crash technology is mature.
The most reliable transport: Debon / New State Logistics optional point-to-point transport.
Intimate installation: installation instructions, video guide operation, hand online guidance operation.
Sales Hotline:400-9600-990
Service Hotline:400-9600-990(815) (Weekends &Holiday:
18820118135 )  Tel.:
Hardware maintenance services
Provide on-site service, in response within 2h in 4h to detect the cause of the failure, the local technical staff in 48 hours on-site maintenance
We offer full service!
You do not have to worry about all the processes!
You just want to see the results!
our service,
Let you worry in the end!
Software update service
The software provided a lifetime free update upgrade and can help you remotely upgrade
Online technical guidance
12 hours online guide product settings, software operation, troubleshooting, for you to worry about lifting
Technical support and training services
Provide server installation and provide a series of training for background system software operation / installation / equipment setup and installation.

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