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  • 12pcs floor stand touch table and 30pcs floor stand digital signage display are install in Electronic mall in Darkar in Senagal ,the touch table for more easily shoping guide ...【了解更多】

  • Phnom Penh in Cambodia have more 400 locations on elevator installed media advertising display ,broadcast any commercial advertisment to terminal clients ,bring more chance for business ,till now,250pcs screen are on the locations ....【了解更多】

  • 50pcs wall mounted digital signage are installed in City bank in Singapore...【了解更多】

  • Japanese skittle-alley install 10pcs 84inch screen on the entrance of the room ,which bring more clear high resolution pictures for clients...【了解更多】

  • SWATCH watches have been conveying high quality, low cost, fashion and commemorative information, as a model of the Swiss watch, with the world watch the youth force. Ultra-high-definition large-screen LCD screen, fully demonstrated its trendy and colorf...【了解更多】

  • In June 2016, Founya self-service terminal successfully entered the Watson Group, so that Watson's "beyond the electronic service line, to achieve the tide of new experience," the goal of further landing. But also to the Watson chain store operation and...【了解更多】

  • In July 2016, Founya touch LCD advertising machine successfully settled in Hong Kong International Airport, which is to promote the modernization of Hong Kong airport information construction, improve airport service quality, improve passenger satisfa...【了解更多】

  • In 2016,our FY-S5-T are installed in Schumpeter school,it bring more easily for students to go to library guide reading ,...【了解更多】

  • Founya Floor stand LCD display and ceiling LCD display are installed in Pavilion mall on 2016,bring more digital advertisment for terminal clients ,and the touch kiosk make more easy shop guide ....【了解更多】

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